Sunday, November 24, 2013

Italy: the people; the fashion

The people and the fashion of Italy.  They are inseparable! Fashion is just a part of their life that  they seem to come to naturally.  I observed, in the piazza in Rome last Sunday, families out walking.  Entire families dressed beautifully, presumably coming from Mass.  The little children, at a very early age, seem to wear a fashion sense with ease.  Every one of them could have been a cover model for VOGUE children's issue.  They wear tiny and very stylish leather boots.  Not the kind to keep snow and mud at bay, but fashion footwear.  They are wearing wonderfully patterned leggings or perfectly fitting skinny jeans.  The little girls top these with a skirt, often antique lace ones and a long tunic sweater covered with a vest or short fitted jacket.  Then, the ensemble is completed with the ever present neck scarf and a beret hat.  The little boys wear long sleeved form fitting knit shirts, with a vest, or jacket (or both) and are also wearing the neck scarf and a hat. It is no surprise these children grow into fabulous fashion quite naturally as they grow up!
 It may have been the time of year, but the colors they wear are neutral, black, navy, beige, medium blue, off white, tan.  All of these are effortlessly mixed to create wonderful outfits.
The neck scarf is a "must wear" for all ages, and with anything, casual or not.   As I watched the people, it was so easy to differentiate the Italians from the tourists.  Across the board, Italian men and women are slim and fit.  I think one reason is they walk everywhere!  In so many places, tiny villages to larger cities, the streets are very narrow so driving is difficult.  Add to this the price of gasoline, which is in excess of $8 per gallon and you have a walking population.  There are cars, small ones, but daily activities include much walking. 
I must report that I did not see a single person wearing camouflage clothing.  This made me so happy!  That stuff is ugly, has no style, and represents activities of discomfort for me, the killing of people and animals. ( OK,short rant over.)
This store in Sorrento sells only linen pieces, all made locally. Roy and I each bought a shirt and neck scarf here! 
This is a random shot of Italian people on the street, talking and laughing.  I am sure the lady on the left is American....

And this is Roy, who just went all Italian!