Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 0n Tybee Island GA !!

Yes, we are spending 3 months on beautiful Tybee Island GA ! We have learned, in this first month, how to "do the dance" in the small space that is our motor home.  It is working out just great!  I am producing some really nice art work on the picnic table outside our front door and have connected with some wonderful artists in the Tybee Art Association.
Here are some photographs of how we spent our Christmas day. A picnic on the beach sounded like a really good way!

It was foggy but warm. Ya gotta love those hats!

This was our dining area.

The tide was way out.

Ummm.....that was not coffee in that thermos! Note: my Santa hat has a tiara on it. ( of course)
Smoked turkey, cheese and spinach on ciabatta buns.....cherry cordials....:)