Friday, July 31, 2009


Well probably. It hasn't missed too many days since we arrived here a little over a month ago. So........check out my brand new rain boots!!!! I just love these! I wanted these when I lived in New Mexico and just could NOT find a good reason to have them (since there is just not a lot of rain there). Ta da!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh, you remember the antique store with that second floor we didn't visit? Well, yesterday we did! What a fun four hours we had poking around in the corners, opening and closing drawers and doors and wondering what some of those things really were. I started my silver/silver plate collection yesterday and am so happy with my finds. Here you will see a set of five dessert forks (I do need these if I am going to bake cakes, right?), two serving spoons and a beautiful ladle. I can hardly wait to add to the collection! Those of you who know me do know that an entire matched set of anything is not the way I fly, so beautiful but unmatched utensils are right up my alley.
We are calling this Roy's toy! He was so excited to find it and I think it is just perfect. Notice the crank on the right side? Yeah, this is a crank phonograph! When we brought it home it didn't work. A few minutes under the skillful hands of Roy and it plays wonderfully! It also came with a nice selection of vintage records. When not being used to entertain and amaze friends and family, I can see it being a nice buffet piece in the dining room.Here you can see the turntable. It also has a tiny cup containing a couple of dozen replacement needles. This photograph shows the record storage shelves and the front "speaker" area, beautiful carved wood inset scene backed with fabric. The speaker cover door also slides in so you don't run into it.
This is a dresser we bought for in our bedroom. It has carved wood handles and is the perfect size, not too big or too small (sheesh..I sound like Goldilocks!)
We bought another light oak dining chair. Our goal is to have seating for 12 but with twelve different but similar chairs. I plan to make some tapestry cushions for them (all different, of course).
So, that was our adventure to the antique store in Oil City, PA. The next trip will focus on additional chairs and a couple of vintage floor lamps. Fortunately Mother has an almost empty basement and a large garage so we do have a storage place until we get that key to the front door! Stay tuned!
In addition to antique trips I am canning, again. This is my sister Suzanne who is the local expert. The current project is canning apricots and also making apricot jam. My pantry (that I don't have yet ) will have beautiful jars in it for sure.

Monday, July 27, 2009


That is the marketing phrase of the "Hulings Blueberries and Farm Market" in Edinboro, PA. They have planted nine different varieties of blueberries on eleven acres and they ripen at different times during the season. The season runs from the first week in July through mid to late September. So, I am thinking this is not our first picking! "More blueberries" is always better.
This is Roy walking back to the stand with our two full buckets, about 10 quarts. These will be frozen and kept in the freezer until the need for blueberry pancakes or blueberry muffins hits us in the middle of winter. Doesn't that sound good?
As it turns out, you still have to pay for these blue jewels, even if you do the picking.
Here you can see part of the eleven acres.
Ah, aren't they beautiful?
That sweet Roy hard at work. Clever guy, I never saw him eat a single one!
Here I am with a hand full of berries. Yeah, I did eat a few!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I don't even know where to start to tell you about this most wonderful day! It was filled with music and dancing and bands and bagpipes and men in kilts. Then there were the weavers and athletic competitors, a Kilted Mile Run, a fiddle workshop and the Clydesdales. Throw in Scottish food vendors and Scottish Clan gatherings and Scottish Village Vendors and perfect weather. Yeah, that was today. Here are some photographs, in no real order to give you a small peek at this annual festival. We had fun! This is one of the many bagpipe bands that were competing for honors. They were spread out all over the lawns of the University and it was fun walking from one to the next. Here is another one.
And a third one. I did not photograph all of them, but you get the idea!
Here is a photograph from the dancing competition. There were age groups and all levels of expertize represented during the day.
This is the marching band that played for the opening ceremonies. I just LOVE bagpipes and drums!
Here is another view of the band.
These photographs of the Clydesdales were taken especially for my friend Vanessa. Enjoy, my friend! (can you believe I got that close to a horse?)
Ah, another competition band.
This is a photograph of part of the Highland Games. You can see the man throwing that large telephone pole thing. Obviously, no one was very close to the event.
Oh, I wish you could have heard this group! This is the Chelsea House Orchestra from Chelsea, Michigan. These are high school students! What excitement they caused! When we walked down the midway we heard them playing a piece from "The Last of the Mohicans". Seriously, I got a lump in my throat and felt all tingly. Their sound and their passion and obvious joy in their playing left us speechless. You can read about them at They have several CD's out (yep, I bought one). The sales proceeds pay for their road trips to events like this one.
This duet was playing just outside the gymnasium; pipes and drum....most mesmorizing.....
So, this was our Saturday; full of music and dance and happy people........I wish I could have taken all of you with me!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Today we (Roy, Mother and I) went to Oil City, PA to a wonderful old brick building full of antiques. There really was no sign or any clear indication of where the front door was but inside was unbelievable! Mother was looking for silver spoons and we were looking for furniture. We left New Mexico with very little in usable pieces so we are starting the adventure of looking for and learning about antiques. Mother knows much about antique furniture and was a great help today as we began our journey of learning. We both agreed that we like the lighter woods (oak) and smaller pieces. Large dark furniture seems oppressive.
We found this oak chair with a pressed design that Roy thinks might be a likeness of William Penn. If any of you readers can help with that identification we would be most grateful! We also found this really sweet small chest that will look lovely in our smaller guestroom. Additionally, Mother found six matching spoons ( the backs say Sheffield, England).... and this really nice wine chiller. It has a divider which puts the bottle on one side and the ice on the other. Wine is chilling as we speak.....I am guessing it might be the main course for dinner this evening. By the way, as we were leaving, the proprietor let us know there was an entire second floor we had missed. I see another trip to Oil City in the near future! Here are two photographs of the interior of the building.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mother and I canned cherries this week for those long cold winter months (or so I am told). It is a very simple process and I learned all the old tricks passed down from my Grandmother to my Mother and now to me. Maybe I can now pass them on to my daughter. Here are some photographs I took this morning while additional jars were cooling under a tea towel. It is fun to hear the quiet gentle "pop" as each lid seals itself during the cooling process. While I was taking the photographs I included this one of Mother's magnificent kitchen window. It feels like you are living in a tree house as this level of the home is high up into the trees.
While waiting for our house closing I am trying to stay busy with some small art adventures. I will have photographs soon of a painted red jacket!

Friday, July 17, 2009

WE HAVE A NEW HOME !........I think

The contract has been agreed upon and signed. The inspections are underway. All banks, attorneys and accountants seem satisfied. We the buyers are chomping at the bit. Closing is on the calendar for August 21, 2009. (an entire, very long month away). So I will take a chance and post a photograph of our new home! Cross all appendages that nothing will go wrong before closing. When we finally get key in hand, I will post more photographs of the interior. We love it! Six and a half beautiful tall-treed acres!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today we took a short side trip around the area and ended up in Franklin, PA. We stopped in a parking lot to drink our coffee and noticed an old brick building with a sign on it stating "Antique Mall". Apparently the man who owns this wonderful big building full of antiques is only open once a year. As you might guess, today was not that day. However, in front of the building there are four larger than life sculptures by Frederic Remington! Here are some photographs for your enjoyment.
House hunting continues and we are hoping to make an offer (on one of five we are interested in) this next week. Stay tuned!