Monday, July 27, 2009


That is the marketing phrase of the "Hulings Blueberries and Farm Market" in Edinboro, PA. They have planted nine different varieties of blueberries on eleven acres and they ripen at different times during the season. The season runs from the first week in July through mid to late September. So, I am thinking this is not our first picking! "More blueberries" is always better.
This is Roy walking back to the stand with our two full buckets, about 10 quarts. These will be frozen and kept in the freezer until the need for blueberry pancakes or blueberry muffins hits us in the middle of winter. Doesn't that sound good?
As it turns out, you still have to pay for these blue jewels, even if you do the picking.
Here you can see part of the eleven acres.
Ah, aren't they beautiful?
That sweet Roy hard at work. Clever guy, I never saw him eat a single one!
Here I am with a hand full of berries. Yeah, I did eat a few!


JM said...

Yummmmm! There really isn't anything better than fresh off the bush! I miss my bushes that used to be in the back corner! Reminds me that I should purchase some new ones!
It appears that you and Roy are so enjoying being back home. So much to do, isn't there?
Everything is going so well for the two of you and I couldn't be happier for you!
Keep posting...I love to see and read what you're up to!

judemowris said...

Thanks Joan! We are trying to stay busy to make the time pass . We are so anxious to get it into our new home! More "time passing" posts will follow. You need to make a note to plant bushes next spring!