Friday, July 24, 2009


Today we (Roy, Mother and I) went to Oil City, PA to a wonderful old brick building full of antiques. There really was no sign or any clear indication of where the front door was but inside was unbelievable! Mother was looking for silver spoons and we were looking for furniture. We left New Mexico with very little in usable pieces so we are starting the adventure of looking for and learning about antiques. Mother knows much about antique furniture and was a great help today as we began our journey of learning. We both agreed that we like the lighter woods (oak) and smaller pieces. Large dark furniture seems oppressive.
We found this oak chair with a pressed design that Roy thinks might be a likeness of William Penn. If any of you readers can help with that identification we would be most grateful! We also found this really sweet small chest that will look lovely in our smaller guestroom. Additionally, Mother found six matching spoons ( the backs say Sheffield, England).... and this really nice wine chiller. It has a divider which puts the bottle on one side and the ice on the other. Wine is chilling as we speak.....I am guessing it might be the main course for dinner this evening. By the way, as we were leaving, the proprietor let us know there was an entire second floor we had missed. I see another trip to Oil City in the near future! Here are two photographs of the interior of the building.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a change from Southwest theme to early America...Your art no doubt will take on the same idea...Great Buys! I really like the spoons and their plain design. Cheers d

Vanessa said...

But there is absolutely no telling what direction it will take you - except that is bound to be unexpected and not even remotely derivative. After all, your NM work does not have a "typical Southwest" look to it.

Wouldn't Kristine really go for a place like this?

Anonymous said...

I think your 'mystery man' isn't William Penn but Samuel Adams, a Founding Father. Cool!
Suze said...

Really? Did you find another likeness to compare to? would like to see it!