Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today is all about the flowers ....

 My petunias ......they make me smile.
 I think the roses are offset nicely by the Christmas , lights, don't you?
This is the first year we have really seen any roses on this climber.  They are beautiful!

Texture tools for large paintings ...

When we were in Asheville NC recently, we were treated to several hours in the studio with Jonas Gerard.  As a painter of very large pieces, he has assembled various tools to help him achieve texture on large spaces.  One of his tools was a scraper similar to these.  When pulled across paint, it leaves wonderful texture and lines, a way to show movement.  Today Roy made three such scrapers, different sizes and different shapes.  I am so looking forward to using them!  It is so nice that he totally believes I have extraordinary large works inside me, ready to put forth.  All "creatives" need someone like this.....

Garage Door Art Gallery !

As it turns out, our garage door is not vinyl, but instead it is metal!  This is very good news indeed.
Vistaprint can reproduce my artwork onto small car door magnets, about 8.5 X 11.5 inches.  Occasionally they offer  a custom magnet for free, plus shipping.  Here is the beginning of my garage door art gallery with some of my artwork.  Using magnets won't mar the door, and I can move them around when I want to.
How fun is this ?!?

Monday, June 17, 2013

" Tango" ...

"Tango" - acrylic on canvas - 16" X 20"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jude = watercolors ?????

Well hardly, I say!  But, it is important to add to  your skills and try new things. I have never really been tempted to learn how to paint with watercolors.  But, there is a very strong desire to be able to create small, simple renderings of real places and things.  It seems the best medium for this is watercolors.  Later this year Roy and I will be spending 3 weeks in wonderful Italy!  With that in mind, I desperately want to bring back a small memory  journal with paintings of the things we see and experience.  I have a  5X8 journal with wonderful watercolor paper.  I found an  image (that sort of  resembles this) on a calendar of Italian scenes. So I attempted.  I am pleased with it!  I think the real answer is to just practice  over and over, until I think I can paint with some confidence.  Of course, the correct answer would be to probably take a watercolor class!  I might.   Until then, I think I will find another page in that calendar and give it a go.

" Lobster Love " ....

We just returned from 5 days in wonderful Asheville NC.  Over the weekend they were celebrating the River Arts District Studio Tour, an exciting event that happens twice a year.  They have over 160 artists  with studios in 19 large old warehouses.   There are  free trolley rides between the buildings and the artists have their studios open and are demonstrating their creative processes all day long through the weekend.   I had a thrilling opportunity to watch a painter create very large and very colorful abstract expressionist pieces.  I came home so totally jazzed about what I saw that I got out the paints immediately!  If you would like to see his work, and watch live paintings via YouTube, do a search for all things Jonas Gerard.  He is amazing!  Have some fun with  amazing eye candy from Jonas! (be sure you have your speakers on)
"Lobster Love" - acrylic on canvas, 16" X 20"