Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jude = watercolors ?????

Well hardly, I say!  But, it is important to add to  your skills and try new things. I have never really been tempted to learn how to paint with watercolors.  But, there is a very strong desire to be able to create small, simple renderings of real places and things.  It seems the best medium for this is watercolors.  Later this year Roy and I will be spending 3 weeks in wonderful Italy!  With that in mind, I desperately want to bring back a small memory  journal with paintings of the things we see and experience.  I have a  5X8 journal with wonderful watercolor paper.  I found an  image (that sort of  resembles this) on a calendar of Italian scenes. So I attempted.  I am pleased with it!  I think the real answer is to just practice  over and over, until I think I can paint with some confidence.  Of course, the correct answer would be to probably take a watercolor class!  I might.   Until then, I think I will find another page in that calendar and give it a go.

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