Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday in the studio . . .

Well yes, I did cut my thumb on a piece of metal. BUT, it doesn't hurt at all since I got some turquoise paint on the under side of the bandage. Really . . .

Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 - Foot Folk Art Cross . . .

The big 4 -foot cross is finished! It is a combination of wood and acrylic paints, some of them metallic, some old watch parts ( thanks Suzanne!), some bottle caps, and some brass keys, along with a wonderful bisque angel. I have also incorporated some small ceramic tiles and some tiny glass mirror tiles. I recently scored about 200 brass keys from the throw away bin at a local hardware store that makes keys. That means you will probably see more recycled keys on more crosses! This view shows the colorful painted sides. This is a closeup of part of the cross showing all the attached found objects. This is the lovely angel holding a faceted glass orb. I am excited to make more of these. Many thanks to sweet Roy for making this one in his shop. Now I need another one (grin).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random shots of my studio . . .

I spent today doing a lot of framing! Roy made 7 gallery frames for the Ring series and I stretched the canvases, and began painting the edges. After the paint dries, I will add a layer of black gel pumice which gives the pieces a nice textured finish. Here you can see one of them on the table being stapled and then trimmed. Here are 3 of them in various stages of edge painting, always black. This is my very messy table but everything is real handy. This is an auxiliary table holding the supplies I am using in the production of folk art crosses. I have bags of keys, boxes of ceramic tiles, and mirror tiles and glass tiles. There are also some small picture frames I will use on the front of the crosses for architectural interest. This photograph shows a frame on top of the artwork that is face down, ready to be stretched and stapled. This is where I am while waiting for paint to dry (grin). On the right is a champagne glass holding some very fragrant white roses Roy picked from our yard yesterday. OK... back to work! I have started designing the 4- foot cross. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Folk Art Cross

When I lived in New Mexico I became familiar with the beautiful Mexican folk art pieces, in particular, the crosses. I love the bright colors and simple shapes of their folk art. I made crosses there and decided to bring that back to my design table here in NW Pennsylvania. This cross measures 23 inches long and has some rectangular tiles I made from polymer clay. I have also included some smaller pottery pieces I made while attending a pottery class in NM. The remaining details include small pieces of turquoise and some old buttons. My next project is a larger, 4-foot cross. This should be fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opening Reception of "Melange of Medias" at the Heeschen Gallery

June 15th was the opening reception of the most recent exhibit at the Heeschen Gallery in Meadville PA. I was one of four artists showing work. Below are some photographs of some of the 13 pieces I exhibited. It was a fun evening!
The show was a wonderful mix of 2D and 3D representations. Here I am in front of "Ode to Fat Moe" who was a crowd favorite! On the pedestal is my most recent doll, "Duman". This sculpture was named "Above the Wheel" by Kevin Rohde. I love his work. The dolls look really nice when top lit! The exhibit will run through July 28th. I was pleased to be invited and hope that my local readers will take time to visit the gallery. When you do, say Hi to Fat Moe for me!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ring VII . . . .(finally)

The Ring Series will be completed when the next two pieces are finished. Then, it will be on to another design element. I'm still thinking about what that might be. Right now, though i am enjoying playing with the rings.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travels With Molly . . .

Chapter 2 - THE ART WALK in Franklin PA This was Molly's first venture into the land of art venues. She was quite a hit! My friends in New Mexico might recognize the two nylon banners shown here, as they were a part of local celebrations there. This table shows the art tiles and later I moved the wooden crate of prints there for better exposure. Turns out that was a good move! The weather was gorgeous. It was quite warm, but there was a nice breeze and we did have the shade of that big tree as well as the awning on Molly. Very pleasant indeed. It is a nice benefit to have your own fridge/freezer with lots of ice. This is a display board Roy made for me to showcase the new painted art tiles. Roy in silhouette as the afternoon began turning into evening. Just out of sight here is a park area where for several hours there was live piano music we could clearly hear from our cushy camp chairs. It was quite romantic! This banner reads "ART TOUR" and was one I made while in New Mexico. Post event analysis: We learned several things on this first tour. 1. Don't even think about putting art work on easels when in an outdoor setting. 2. If you put artwork face up on a table under a tree, it is possible (probable) that a bird will let you know what he thinks of your work. 3. Total strangers are fascinated by business cards. 4. It takes a lot longer to set up than to take down. 5. It's a good day when sales cover expenses. And it was a good day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Artist Reception at the new Painted Finch Gallery

This gallery is beautiful! It has a wonderful feel about it, a quietness and a comfortable place to appreciate the artwork. Roy is chatting with Wendy Neckers, the gallery owner, about her artwork.... Here you can see the Vanessa Collection; a series of my hand made dolls, carefully settled into a hand crafted wood vessel. There are several of my stitched paintings .... This long wall of reclaimed doors is a wonderful place to showcase artworks. I am delighted to have my art in this beautiful place! Good luck Wendy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preparing For an Art Show ...

This Saturday we will be participating in the ART WALK in Franklin PA. This event showcases local galleries and artists and combines it with Pianos in the Park, so lots of live music happening. In addition to some original pieces and the recently made art tiles, I am taking some signed, number and matted prints. On advice of my agent, I am also including a collection of my watercolor faces, arranged in tri-mats. I like the look! I also was able to fine a really cool gel pen that writes white. Works well on black mats. These were quick photographs of the mats with the print images. The mats are 10 X 16 and and quite symmetrical, not shown here (grin). We will be taking photographs on Saturday and I will share them here for you. I am so looking forward to this event! Later!

Friday, June 1, 2012