Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random shots of my studio . . .

I spent today doing a lot of framing! Roy made 7 gallery frames for the Ring series and I stretched the canvases, and began painting the edges. After the paint dries, I will add a layer of black gel pumice which gives the pieces a nice textured finish. Here you can see one of them on the table being stapled and then trimmed. Here are 3 of them in various stages of edge painting, always black. This is my very messy table but everything is real handy. This is an auxiliary table holding the supplies I am using in the production of folk art crosses. I have bags of keys, boxes of ceramic tiles, and mirror tiles and glass tiles. There are also some small picture frames I will use on the front of the crosses for architectural interest. This photograph shows a frame on top of the artwork that is face down, ready to be stretched and stapled. This is where I am while waiting for paint to dry (grin). On the right is a champagne glass holding some very fragrant white roses Roy picked from our yard yesterday. OK... back to work! I have started designing the 4- foot cross. Stay tuned!

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