Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travels With Molly . . .

Chapter 2 - THE ART WALK in Franklin PA This was Molly's first venture into the land of art venues. She was quite a hit! My friends in New Mexico might recognize the two nylon banners shown here, as they were a part of local celebrations there. This table shows the art tiles and later I moved the wooden crate of prints there for better exposure. Turns out that was a good move! The weather was gorgeous. It was quite warm, but there was a nice breeze and we did have the shade of that big tree as well as the awning on Molly. Very pleasant indeed. It is a nice benefit to have your own fridge/freezer with lots of ice. This is a display board Roy made for me to showcase the new painted art tiles. Roy in silhouette as the afternoon began turning into evening. Just out of sight here is a park area where for several hours there was live piano music we could clearly hear from our cushy camp chairs. It was quite romantic! This banner reads "ART TOUR" and was one I made while in New Mexico. Post event analysis: We learned several things on this first tour. 1. Don't even think about putting art work on easels when in an outdoor setting. 2. If you put artwork face up on a table under a tree, it is possible (probable) that a bird will let you know what he thinks of your work. 3. Total strangers are fascinated by business cards. 4. It takes a lot longer to set up than to take down. 5. It's a good day when sales cover expenses. And it was a good day!

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