Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 - Foot Folk Art Cross . . .

The big 4 -foot cross is finished! It is a combination of wood and acrylic paints, some of them metallic, some old watch parts ( thanks Suzanne!), some bottle caps, and some brass keys, along with a wonderful bisque angel. I have also incorporated some small ceramic tiles and some tiny glass mirror tiles. I recently scored about 200 brass keys from the throw away bin at a local hardware store that makes keys. That means you will probably see more recycled keys on more crosses! This view shows the colorful painted sides. This is a closeup of part of the cross showing all the attached found objects. This is the lovely angel holding a faceted glass orb. I am excited to make more of these. Many thanks to sweet Roy for making this one in his shop. Now I need another one (grin).

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