Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garage Door Art Gallery !

As it turns out, our garage door is not vinyl, but instead it is metal!  This is very good news indeed.
Vistaprint can reproduce my artwork onto small car door magnets, about 8.5 X 11.5 inches.  Occasionally they offer  a custom magnet for free, plus shipping.  Here is the beginning of my garage door art gallery with some of my artwork.  Using magnets won't mar the door, and I can move them around when I want to.
How fun is this ?!?


Sharron Folkes said...

This one's really creative and unique. How many times do you see a garage door being used as an art gallery? That's very rare and makes this idea awesome! People will be interested with this for sure. It's one efficient way to enjoy and appreciate artistic creations like these!

Sharron Folkes @ PricesDoors

Sol Hendricks said...

This is definitely a sure way to improve the look of your garage door. It’s one of the exterior features that greatly contribute to a good impression of your home. So it’s just right that you also make an effort to make it appealing and interesting. Anyhow, do you have something new in your garage door art gallery? It would be great if you share it again with us! :)
Sol Hendricks @ Diamond Contracting