Saturday, July 25, 2009


I don't even know where to start to tell you about this most wonderful day! It was filled with music and dancing and bands and bagpipes and men in kilts. Then there were the weavers and athletic competitors, a Kilted Mile Run, a fiddle workshop and the Clydesdales. Throw in Scottish food vendors and Scottish Clan gatherings and Scottish Village Vendors and perfect weather. Yeah, that was today. Here are some photographs, in no real order to give you a small peek at this annual festival. We had fun! This is one of the many bagpipe bands that were competing for honors. They were spread out all over the lawns of the University and it was fun walking from one to the next. Here is another one.
And a third one. I did not photograph all of them, but you get the idea!
Here is a photograph from the dancing competition. There were age groups and all levels of expertize represented during the day.
This is the marching band that played for the opening ceremonies. I just LOVE bagpipes and drums!
Here is another view of the band.
These photographs of the Clydesdales were taken especially for my friend Vanessa. Enjoy, my friend! (can you believe I got that close to a horse?)
Ah, another competition band.
This is a photograph of part of the Highland Games. You can see the man throwing that large telephone pole thing. Obviously, no one was very close to the event.
Oh, I wish you could have heard this group! This is the Chelsea House Orchestra from Chelsea, Michigan. These are high school students! What excitement they caused! When we walked down the midway we heard them playing a piece from "The Last of the Mohicans". Seriously, I got a lump in my throat and felt all tingly. Their sound and their passion and obvious joy in their playing left us speechless. You can read about them at They have several CD's out (yep, I bought one). The sales proceeds pay for their road trips to events like this one.
This duet was playing just outside the gymnasium; pipes and drum....most mesmorizing.....
So, this was our Saturday; full of music and dance and happy people........I wish I could have taken all of you with me!


Anonymous said...

Upland High School are the The Highlanders! Of course they have a bagpipe band etc. Three friends are walking across Scotland from distillery to distillery..Hum My granddaughter, Heather, went to Scotland for her H.S graduation present. Wonderful to see Penn. and their Scotland connection. I love the sound of pipes, too! Is the University close by? Cheers D

Vanessa said...

Thank you for thinking of me. I'm going to share it with a former riding pupil who has a thing for draft crosses. A treat all the way around. I too love bagpipes. Crary was originally MacQuarrie. Did Roy don a quilt for the occasion?

(hey)Jude said...

Vanessa, My Mother suggested he do just that but to no avail. There was a vendor there selling T-shirts that said: "It's a kilt; if I wore something under it, it would be a skirt". Good grief....:)