Sunday, September 5, 2010


A little over a year ago we moved into our new home and I set up my studio. I have the entire lower level in which to create (along with a bathroom, laundry room and utility room). As I looked around yesterday I saw that it is no longer neat and has become a work place! In all of it's messiness, I share with you the "state of the studio", and with no apologies. These are the steps leading down into my place of bliss.
Here are the shelves that hold MOST of my paints...
Under my main work table (which is up on paint cans so I don't get back pain from standing and painting) you can see tubs of fabric and other collage supplies.
The table above is holding the current fabric pieces for the children's pillow cases I am making for our hospital.
This is my lounge area where I can read or stitch or watch TV. It is also a sofa bed for company if the guest room is taken.
This wall shows some of the portraiture I have been doing the past few months. I have now run out of room and I guess will have to start stacking them against the walls.
Here is the collection of primitive dolls I made several years ago.
This is the "wall-o-dolls " in the lounge area.
A series of crosses that are looking for wall space also!
Most of these are art books and copies of the magazines where my work has been published.
My primary work table.....(with the ever present coffee mug).
Close up of the work table....the pallets are plastic lids from ice cream buckets. Yeah, we eat a LOT of ice cream!
Ice cream buckets of broken tile waiting for the next mosaic project (s). Seriously, did we really eat that much ice cream? How embarrassing......
This is the back of a jacket I am making and really need to get back to. I painted the flowers on the back. In the background is the laundry room where you can see a rug I wove from t-shirt strips.
So there you have the state of the studio. It works for me and is big enough to accommodate several projects at the same time.
Tell me about your studio? Or even about the kitchen table you use to create on!


Sue said...

What bliss! All that space - I'm quite envious. My space is truly only 6 1/2 feet wide! Of course, it is 14 feet long, but has the sloped dormer ceilings, one door, one window, built in shelves at one end, a library table and old school desk as work surfaces, plus a sewing machine and a serger, each on their own little work table. Every time I enter the room, I take off my shoes because I feel so crowded in the space, I can't bear to wear them, ha! I do have a gorgeous view of the neighbor's pond, though.

ooglebloops said...

Love your studio, the "prim" dolls, and using the ice cream covers for paint! Great idea!1 I save those ice cream buckets also -kind of makes up for eating the ice cream - since the buckets are sooo useful afterward!!!
My studio is in the unfinished basement - 3 sections of one half of it are mine. The sewing area in the corner with 2 big windows, the craft area by the stairs, and the misc area in between!! Since the walls are cinder block, it's hard to hang things up on the walls - but I'm working on it - hopefully I'll post about it soon- when it is fit for public viewing!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Sooo glad we are not the only ones with a stack of ice cream buckets! We used to have an art gallery with cinder block walls. We installed molding strips at the ceiling and hung the art pieces on fishing line. It worked really well. Maybe you could do that?

Francie said...

What a treat to see your studio! I LOVE looking at other artists' work spaces... The warm gold paint and the luscious wood make it look so rich. And the wood stove... how cozy to sit by it and read or knit or applique on a cold day. Don't ever think of it as untidy... it looks like the home of a serious artist! Thanks for sharing.

Jude said...

Thanks Francie! I am quite fortunate and I am grateful every day for the space and the time to do the things I love to do.

Vanessa said...

enough space to have multiple projects out to work on... how much more space so you have there?

Jude said... least twice as big as my studio in Mountainair.