Saturday, October 2, 2010


Last night was the opening of this event and Roy and I went in our "fancy pants" clothes to see art, drink wine and eat tiny tasty things. I was so fortunate to have one of my pieces juried in, "Abigail". You can see her below.
The gallery is small and there were about 100 people there so it was quite crowded. I tried to get photographs of the art but it was difficult! There were 36 pieces selected and I have to say I had no idea how many different mediums there were. In fact, There are some I have never heard of. For example, "reductive relief". Or, "type C print". I guess I better do my homework, huh.
This Terra Cotta sculpture was particularly nice, In fact, I noticed a red dot (sale) on the card. Notice the gallon glass jar with stuff in it? It is an interactive piece where the viewer is instructed to pick it up and turn it around and over to redistribute the contents. was fun, but it was also listed for sale at $500.
There were seven prizes, each one a check for $200 donated by the arts council as well as local businesses. It is gratifying and encouraging to see businesses getting involved with the arts.
Here is a photograph of "Abigail" and you can also see Roy in the background, inspecting a beautiful and fabulously made chair that was one of the prize winners. It really looked like a museum piece!
After the opening we went to our favorite Italian restaurant for coffee and dessert. What a fun evening!


Anonymous said...

Wow so glad you are getting your work shown! cheers Dee

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a good beginning.