Saturday, December 10, 2011


Roy's train is now decorating the antique cherry drop leaf table that belonged to my Grandmother. It looks wonderful and really means Christmas to me. I suspect it will be a big hit with my younger relatives who will be here for the annual Family Gift Exchange. The train is circling a tiny village of houses, a church, a barn , some cars, and some buildings that reference local businesses here.
You will note that one of the businesses below is a "botique". Gotta love that!
These little buildings and tiny cars were made by my Mother and late step-father years ago. I can't even imagine how she managed to paint tiny flowers and curtains in the windows. Each year a new design was created, and many of us in the family have been gifted with a wonderful collection of these unique pieces.
My collection even includes a tiny black Amish wagon! Note the tiny red triangle warning on the back of the wagon.
Every year the collection comes out for the holidays and is then carefully wrapped in tissue and put away for next year. I always look forward to seeing them, like old friends. The past few years I have added small people, some trees, and animals to complete the village.
This is a very important tradition in my world of Christmas, my most favorite time of the year!

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