Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art Tiles by Jude ...

Months ago I bought a box (25) of white ceramic tiles, 6 X 6. My original plan was to paint them and use them to cover the risers on the steps leading to my studio. Unfortunately, they were too large. So, I put them aside, in a dark corner of the utility room and forgot them. This week, I came across them and had a creative thought! Some of them have a good amount of texture to them. I used the back side of the tile (the rough side) to put down a layer of wallboard joint compound. When it is dry and painted, it leaves a wonderful surface that makes you want to run your fingers over it. I have attached ribbons to the back sides with a strong glue (E6000) so they can be hung. And, I have signed them on the back also. My "plan" is to offer these up at local art festivals; $25/each or 2 for $40. Would love to send them on to a new home! Some of the tiles I used the top, or smooth side on which to create the images. I have more art tiles in the process, including some beautiful ones showing pears! Stay tuned!

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