Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Bear Came ! . . . .

   .....'cause that's how we roll in Northwestern Pennsylvania. 
 I wish I had a  photograph of this fabulous beast but it was almost midnight last night and quite dark on the porch.  I was not going to go outside and introduce myself so you will have to use your imagination.
He (she?) was very, very big, and black, and  had what looked like a soft and silky coat.  When he stood beside the double wide french doors ( 6 feet wide) leading onto the porch, he easily reached from one side to the other.
He made a total mess of the two bird feeding trays as he ate most of the sunflower seeds foolishly left by our birds.  Happily it is close enough to Spring that we can repair, and put away these feeders, as the Easter Bear will most certinly be back if we don't.  He wandered around on the porch, looking in all 3 of the french doors and sniffing the handles.  I wonder if he could break through those glass panes if motivated enough?  I was anxious I admit! 

I don't know a lot about bears, but I can guess that the hibernation period is over and these beautiful beasts are hungry!
" If you go down in the woods today, you better not go alone ..."

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