Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Antique Medicine Cabinet .....

I found this antique, ( circa. 1910)  in-wall, wood medicine cabinet in a shop in Tulsa OK, about 40 years ago.  I could never find the right place to use it, even after several moves, but loved it and continued to move it from place to place.  Now, it has a  new life ! 
After a good cleaning and sanding, I have applied acrylic paints, fabric flowers, gilding wax, small wood accent pieces and several coats of poly acrylic sealer.  I retained the original hardware, even thought it is a little wonky.
Good news!  I remembered to take a "before" photograph!


 I'm not sure what my next project will be.  The good news is, I think Spring is here which means I can work outside! See you soon!

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