Saturday, July 25, 2015

The process of reworking the past .....

That sounds like a really heavy  title for this post but it really is not all that deep.  Several years ago I spent months painting a large body of abstract pieces.  I learned about color and design, about the many ways to move paint around on a large canvas and I loved it all!

Now, I am looking at these pieces, and I am seeing more possibilities.  I am seeing these abstracts as new and exciting backgrounds for new and exciting images.

This piece was titled " Ocean Portal" and measures 24 " X  48".  It is presented in landscape form.

Now I have created an image on this "new" background and I am loving the result.

May I present:                           
" Working Lunch"
24" X 48" acrylic and marker on gallery wrapped canvas
with a metallic gold finishing glaze

 " Working Lunch" - < detail >

" Working Lunch " - < detail >


Marsha said...

Hi Jude! How have you been doing? Did you make the move you told me about? We did move to Raleigh, NC, and are really loving the way the city embraces the arts. New to everything here, we are still finding our way and enjoying the exploration. Hope all is well.

Marsha said...

Hi Jude! Good to see you are working. Did you make the move you spoke of? We moved to Raleigh, NC, the first of July and have been loving the way the city embraces the arts. Still exploring and finding our way. Enjoyed your post and seeing your wonderful work. Look into "Art of the Carolinas" and let me know what you think. I think you would enjoy it. Keep in touch.

jude said...

Hi Marsha! I just found your note, so sorry! we are still planning a move south, pending the sale of our home of course. Just yesterday we landed on Tybee Island GA to spend the next 3 months living out of our motor home, this should be interesting!