Saturday, May 13, 2017

The "Jude Original" clothing line is back!

It has been awhile, but my sewing machine and I have reconnected to bring you original, one of a kind, upcycled clothing !  I had forgotten how much I enjoy the design challenges of recreating fun and exciting clothing from previously worn pieces.  Here are some photographs of the pieces I have been working on the past few weeks.  If any of them speak to you, and you would like additional information or photographs, just drop me a note :   Enjoy! (Have fun with your clothes and embrace the inner rebel in you.  Are you brave enough? )

Size L cotton vest, made in India.  Contains an insane amount of hand stitching and beading over almost every inch of the vest.  This was truly a labor of love that took months to complete.  It is lovely and there is no other one like it.
 Vest front - $130.00

 Short denim skirt,  Liz Claiborne, size 8P.
I added a fabric ruffle created from a piece of vintage cotton fabric from India.

 Denim tote bag. 13 1/2 X 13 1/2 with a square bottom.  Embellished with vintage Indian fabrics and the graphic is beaded.

 Bill Blass size PM sleeveless blouse, painted with fabric paints and beaded. $75.00
 blouse back

Blouse front detail, includes a metal pocket embellishment.

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