Saturday, October 11, 2008


After a few days recovery from The Shower Tile Project, it was time to move on to putting down a new floor in the kitchen/dining room/pantry. Roy did most of this project as it involved a very loud saw. I don't do loud tools. Here are some before, during and after photos of this really big and very cool floor. It actually is a little over 300 square feet, which includes the floor in my pantry. I can now walk barefoot all over it! It is grand!

This is "belle" full of "Boxes-O-Floor" from Lumber Liquidators, my new favorite place to shop!Step one: Take up part of the old floor and crawl under the house to move the Dish TV cable so I could rearrange the furniture (a most necessary step I thought).Step two: Remove the old skanky carpet from the kitchen area that we put down originally to keep the cold wind from blowing up between the floor boards.Step three: With a drill and 15 pounds of screws, go all over the floor and screw the plywood down so it won't squeak any more. This step almost ruined Roy's back!Step four: Tape down a moisture barrier (is that really necessary in New Mexico?). I will say that walking on that is really slippery.Step five: Begin the actual installation of the floor! And now you get to see the finished project. It has made a BIG difference in our home!

This is the kitchen area of the room. And below is the dining area.Our wonderful wood stove that looks like a piece of sculpture, majestic in its simplicity. And our can anyone live without one of these?


Anonymous said...

It looks like it has been there all along. How beautiful! I applaud Roy for a job well done. I know supervising is tough, too, so I applaud you as well.

judemowris said...

Yup, Roy is my hero!

Vanessa said...

The Straw Mountain adventure many exciting pictures of the back of Roy's head. Do let him take a bow!

Just wondering too - when you make it back to a greener place, will you call it something else & rename studio? Straw Mountain won't fit so well.

judemowris said...

I have pondered a name change...and I guess the right one will present itself when we get settled. I might be a little sad to lose Straw Mountain......

Vanessa said...

Keep blog - change name (easy), blogging it with fanfare and perhaps even gaudy lead in. Couldn't you keep "mountain" in name?

What will you be closest to, Poconos, Blue Ridge or other?

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