Sunday, October 5, 2008


I know it does. I expect it. I think I am prepared for it. I never really am. I'm talking about the weather in New Mexico. It seems to catch me off guard as it moves swiftly from Summer to Winter, with about 4 hours of Autumn in there someplace!
Today it happened. ( or rather last night) It is quite chilly, it rained all last night, and it is cloudy today. We are used to beautiful blue skies day in and day out. This is not that.
So, as I probably do every year, I made soup. I will give you the ingredients, but I really don't measure anything. You are on your own there! I never make the same soup twice. I use whatever I have, in whatever amounts I have. It really is like a creative piece of art! Here ya go:
"Summer to Winter soup"
2 cans of chicken stock
1 can of diced Italian tomatoes
dried peas
fresh mushrooms
salt and pepper
olive oil
Saute onions, mushrooms and carrots in the olive oil. Then add all the other ingredients and simmer. How easy is that?
Go make soup; it makes you feel good!

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