Tuesday, November 25, 2008


On a recent trip into Mountainair, I took a quick walk on Broadway Street; the street that intersects Highway 55 , where we have our only traffic light . In truth, it is a blinking light, not a real one with 3 different colors! Here are photographs of some of the buildings on our "main drag". They are fun aren't they?
This is a vacant building that a visiting film company painted to look like a bank. This is our only drug store that has a wonderful original soda fountain. This is our local hardware store. The front windows are full of stuffed animals and geraniums. There are more animal heads decorating the walls inside. I think the whole animal thing is a little more than creepy. This is another vacant building painted by the film company. I'm glad the property owners are leaving these faux impressions. I think it looks much better than just another vacant building front. This is our antique and collectibles store. It isn't open very often but when it is, and we are in town, I always stop in and look around.


Anonymous said...

Your photos make me a little homesick and then again, not, for if I were still there, then I would be homesick for here. :)
I miss you!
Joan Marie
BTW...your blog is fantastic! Everything about it is amazing!
5 Star Kudos!

judemowris said...

Well hi there Joan! Welcome to my blog about just "stuff in my life". I'm glad you are enjoying it and that you got to take a trip down Broadway with me and my camera! Come back and visit!