Friday, December 31, 2010


At our recent family gift exchange I was the very fortunate person to receive this lovely piece of artwork made by my great niece, Libby. It is constructed with small pieces of scrap wood and painted. Libby tells me the name of the piece is "Carrot Boat Going to Ireland On The Ocean". I absolutely love it and it will have a place of honor on my studio wall. Miss Libby, please continue to do these creative things and do them often. You have the good fortune to be born into a family of many creative people and it looks like you will be carrying on the tradition. Way to go Libby!


Carol Shoemaker said...

Wonderful piece, Libby!
I especially like the descriptive title. But why Ireland?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Carol. I've always wanted to go to Ireland. That's why I chose it. I had fun making it.