Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The following article, written by Laura Coblentz, was printed in a recent issue of a local newspaper called the Albion News. It is a regular column titled "Amish Country" and discusses current happenings in the local Amish community. I was so taken by the information, its sweetness and simplicity that I thought you, my readers, might take away similar feelings at this time of thankfulness and reflection. "Thursday the ladies had a combined sewing for both districts. They assembled 50 baby bundles. They had 10 sewing machines humming all day. This is what goes into a bundle: one comforter, two receiving blankets, six diapers (cloth), two pairs of rubber pants, two onesies, two sleepers, one towel, two washcloths, one bar soap, one bottle and two pairs of booties. These are all wrapped in a towel closed with safety pins. Each lady was to bring two bars of soap along. Mose Troyers and Emanuel Erbs were in charge of the sewing but Martha Fisher was in charge of the bundles. They also quilted two large quilts." The article continues with information about the coming and goings of various Amish families, who is visiting from out of town and who is leaving to visit elsewhere. Sometimes I am quite drawn to this simple way of life.......strong in family congregation and gatherings for singular purpose.

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