Sunday, March 20, 2011


A gorgeous model did not come to the door so you are seeing the hoodies on hangers, outside in the wind, on a beautiful First Day of Spring. I might mention that right outside the kitchen door is a very large patch of white crocuses in full bloom! This hoodie was made from several recycled tee shirts. You can see my label inside. The hood lining was a white tee that was not very white, so it was dyed a pale mint color. The back of the hoodie has a giant flower attached with free motion embroidery. In the center is an old dress label I found in my sewing supply drawer.
This is the second hoodie make from lighter colored tee shirts. The front/top was a white shirt which had an applique on it. So, I just cut it up the center and I think it looks good!
The buttons on both hoodies are covered in matching shirt material and the button loops are made from the sewn edges of the sleeves from the shirts.

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