Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been missing from the blog and I do apologize, but we have been very busy! Here is a photo journey of one of several large projects I have been working on. After almost taking out the corner of the garage, Fed Ex did deliver three very large and heavy boxes. The boxes are resting in the cart of Roy's riding mower and they are on their way down the driveway to the front yard.
We spent a long time opening all of the boxes and laying out the parts of this mystery project! Can you believe all of the screws?
Here are some more parts. have you guessed what the final configuration is yet?
OK, this is a big clue. It took many hours to construct a very level and square base for the project. It measures 8 ft X 12 ft.
Of course, by now you know, we are putting together a greenhouse!
Roy, who is 6 ft 6 inches, has no trouble standing up in the middle.
And here it is! So several days later, and 628 pieces with an assembly booklet of 56 pages, it is complete. Actually, it was not difficult, as long you "FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS PRECISELY."
Right now we have 4 tomato plants (of three different kinds), a yellow squash, two sweet pepper plants, two different basil plants, a pot planted with Kentucky beans, a lot of onions, some spinach, and two pots of heat-loving flowers to attract those necessary pollinator insects! We have more to plant but need more pots. Since we have never done any gardening or greenhouse growing, this will be a year of learning and discovering what does and does not work. I will post additional photographs later in the year to show progress (we hope!). Go plant something!

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