Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful one! We started at the new Hobby Lobby in Erie and I got some stretcher bars for a large piece I am working on as well as the paint and supplies I will need for my workshop in November. (No, I try to NEVER leave things to the last minute). Then we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant followed by several hours immersed in books and magazines ( and coffee) at Barnes and Noble. I got the latest issue of "Quilting Arts", a book by Spike Gillespie called "Quilting Art" and a book by Paul Hollywood titled "100 Great Breads". Nothing feels better than several hours surrounded by books! I created four sketches and discovered they are really fun! This first one I made as a cover for my journal which has all kinds of memos and notes and important information, as well as sketches and ideas for future projects. It was so much fun, I made three more. So this is the fun you can have with some typing paper, a black marker, some colored pencils and some oil pastels. I have an idea for this subject matter now that involves fabric (naturally).

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