Friday, July 22, 2011


On a recent trip to the thrift store I bought this small nylon wallet for 49 cents. It is exactly what I have been looking for but, of course, it is only black! And we all know that doesn't work for me.
The inside had a plastic piece on the left side (below) that was to hold your checks and register in place. I removed that immediately as it was a bit shabby looking.
Then I put down a layer of white Gesso on the outside, after marking it off with blue painter's tape to get a sharp line.
Here you can see I painted a basic abstract design , using acrylic paints. By the way, if you are a painter, take note of the clam shell in this photo. It makes the prefect thing to put a small amount of paint in. I have many shells used for just this purpose.
For the inside of the wallet, I cut a piece of painted fabric the right size and used fabric glue to glue three of the sides. This will hold the checks and register in place.
Then, the large area on the back of the wallet is painted, also with acrylic.
There ya go! It was easy, it was fun, and it looks like a really cool 49 cent wallet, right? Now, go find one at your local thrift store and make a one-of-a-kind wallet for yourself, or as a gift! In fact, you could start now looking for wallets or small purses to decorate/paint and your holiday shopping will be done for all the ladies on your list! Go do it right now! (and then show me what you did).

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