Friday, July 13, 2012

An Afternoon at Lago Winery . . .

Today Roy and I visited the wonderful Lago Winery in Jamestown PA. The winery itself is located in a very old barn and has all the rustic appeal of a place in Tuscany. The stone silo on the side of the barn houses an authentic pizza oven brought over from Italy and the pizza is so good! Today we had a Margarita Pizza and a bottle of wine for our mid day meal. Also on the site is a stately old stone building that houses a bed and breakfast. You can read about the winery and the B&B here : Here you can see Roy schmoozing at the tasting bar. This is the outside upper level eating area which is right next to the pizza oven. Here you can see chef/owner Doug with his head in the oven, checking baking progress. The mosaic on the silo continues the theme that is on the bars inside the winery. I have some artwork on display here at Lago Winery and today I sold 5 of my folk art crosses. Not a bad day for Friday the 13th! On the weekends the winery showcases local bands so we will make a point of coming back then. There is a huge performance stage at one end of the building where the entertainment happens. What a really fun day!

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