Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Work in Progress . . .

I don't often show a work in progress because, more often than not, it changes so much that by the time the work is finished, it looks like a different piece! In this case, however, I wanted to show you a technique I think will make this one interesting. I was wanting to add text to the painting/collage. I used a Micron Pigma pen (waterproof) and wrote text using sayings about "wisdom" that I found online. It was not my goal to create text that could actually be read, but to give the illusion of words. I think I accomplished that. I wrote on plain white tissue paper and then attached the pieces of text paper to the painting/collage with Mod Podge. I had taped off parts of the painting to leave a lighter area on which to add the text strips. You do need to be careful when you do this (use a very soft bristle brush) as the tissue paper is quite fragile when it gets wet. On the posiivte side, because of it's fragility, the paper itself seems to just disappear into the background. I encourage you to give this a try if the idea of art text excites you. I think you could probably use this technique in art journals too.

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