Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cool Stencils that Rock !

I confess I have never had a very high regard for the stencil.  The designs never really appealed to me and most of them were just boring.  I direct your attention to a fabulous web site selling the most wonderful stencils!  Drop on over to  and see what I mean.  I purchased their Cathedral Series, four stencils that look like four different stained glass designs. It really was hard to decide as there are so many cool designs.
I was anxious to see how they might enhance my artwork, so I lined up 3 prints I had of three of  my stitched paintings. The prints are 5" X 8" and the stencils are 6 inches square. 
I placed a stencil on the print and the results are below.  I love these!  If you have an interest in adding another layer to your art pieces, I suggest the lowly stencil.  It has really come of age! (and, these stencils are made in the USA)

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