Thursday, May 9, 2013

Glass Growers Gallery Opening Reception ...

On April 20th I had an opening reception for my very first solo exhibition!  I had a fabulous time! There were many visitors and good  wine.  I had no problem standing for 3 hours and came home quite exhilarated. It is so gratifying to any artist to sell a piece of artwork to someone other than family and friends !   
This is a photograph of me and Roy in our dining room, before leaving for the opening.  I was so excited!
This is a photograph of one of my larger pieces.

This is another large piece that garnered quite a bit of attention.

This one is my personal favorite as it was my very first abstract painting.

Much of the evening I spent talking with visitors who had many questions about my work and the processes involved.  It was great fun talking about my art!

The lady in the fuchsia jacket is my sister who came from Louisiana to attend my opening!  The lovely calla lily arrangement in the corner was a gift from my Aunt who flew in from Albuquerque to support me at the opening.  I have a wonderful family!

This was such a special night for me, full of fun and excitement, and surrounded by many family members and friends.  I would like to do this again!

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