Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas in August. Really!

This morning we visited our very favorite resale store!  For my local readers, you know the place : "Walker's Buttons and Bows".  Oh my.  Where to start.  As a result of an estate cleaning out, they had hundreds and hundreds of books for sale, mostly art books.  Additionally, they had some very large, previously used, canvas stretchers.   We spent 2 hours perusing the books and I was in heaven.  The artist 's name is Susan Joyce Weimer.  I wanted to give you some biographical information on her, but a search of the web turned up nothing and I don't want to give you heresay information that might not be correct.   Below is a card from a solo show she had at the Hoyt Institute of Art, in New Castle PA in June 1997.  I found it in one of the books I bought.

Here are boxes of books.  Every book was $1.00, no matter the size, condition, age , etc.  How could I walk away from that? Right?
Here you can see the stretchers I bought.  The average size is about 4'X 5'.  As I was stacking them up, I wondered what happened to the paintings that had been cut out of their frames.  I wish I could have seen them.  There is a small stretched canvas in the back that must have been a painting in progress ?  I think I might try to meld a painting of mine with hers, maybe to preserve something of her spirit in my work.

 This is a SMALL sample of the books that came home with me.  I don't know where to start!  Actually, I did know where to start: by cleaning them.

This one is a book titled  " The Sketchbooks of Picasso". 

 Oh my!  I was so excited to see these next two books.  Roy found them for me.  Below is a McCall's Pattern Book dated Spring 1946 and it sold for 35 cents.  The fashions are wonderful!
 And, THIS is Simplicity Patterns and is dated May 1934 and is priced originally at $1.50.  It is a much thicker book.

I just don't know what to do with these.  Some of the pages would be so interesting matted and framed!  I guess for now, I will just look at them.  But seriously, what is it with those tall skinny ladies?

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