Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter is a Time For Learning and Study .....

It is important to stay busy in the long winter months.When it is so cold, and there is so much snow, leaving the house for any reason just makes no sense!  What to do? 
I decided to take an online art course, my very first!  It is being taught by Jane LaFazio and is titled
 " Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style".  There are six lessons, covering six weeks.  We are about in the middle of the course.  The premise is to learn to sketch real objects, in a quick manner,, and to paint them just as quickly.  To be able to do this would mean you could  then sketch and paint on location, taking very little time to capture the moment or event. So far, we have been directed to paint fruits, and greens. I will post photographs of future lessons as they are completed. 
This course is  a particular challenge to me.  I am new to watercolor, and we are sketching and painting on TINY 5X7 pieces of paper! As most of you know, I really love acrylics on a very large canvas.  Not to mention, I have never even come close to trying to represent any bit of realism in my work. 
Confession:  I am LOVING watercolors !





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