Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Class Continues ....

This avocado was the last piece I did in the "greens" lesson.  I added the grocery store it!
The next lesson was to sketch an object, using ink (no pencil and eraser) and using a continuous line, without lifting the pen.  This was hard!  However, it forces you to really look at the object, figure out how to do the continuous line and not lift your pen.  I did miss my pencil and eraser! On the other hand, I gave myself kudos for attempting to paint glass. 

This was another example of continuous line drawing, without benefit of pencil and eraser.  I swear this acorn squash is really quite round.  Something got lost between my eyes and the pen!

Stay tuned for the next lesson!


Vanessa Vaile said...

round or not, something about the effect is very pleasing to the eye about the

Jude Ongley said...

Thanks vanessa! I am really enjoying this adventure into realism. I may find my niche yet.