Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Art Adventure ......or How to Work Small in the Winter....

A series of cups!
  These are collage offerings of watercolor, speciality papers and fabric, along with some hand stitching.  (A big thank you to my sister Kathy, who shared her vast knowledge of paper stitching !)
The images are  adhered to blocks of wood measuring 7"X7" X 1 7/8" with a hanger on the back.  Also, because of their thickness, they will easily stand on a shelf or table.
This is a closeup showing some detail (sorry about the glare) and the addition of vintage looking upholstery nails for added interest.

I plan to introduce these soon to the galleries where I am represented.  I think they would be wonderful and unusual Mother's Day gifts.  We shall see, but you, my readers, have a first look right here. !  Enjoy!

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