Saturday, December 6, 2008


I did warn you. You knew this was coming, right? The whole holiday baking frenzy that grabs me by the ears and just won't let go! So, we will start with a basic sugar cookie, an all time favorite of cookie munchers everywhere, complete with colored sugars on them. Some have a blue tinted dough. (well, I got bored with the plain color).Then, in this parade of sugar and calories, we have a table full of gingerbread children! It's a basic recipe but the icing is lemon flavored and the accents are tiny colored chocolate pieces. The next cookie? Well, I'm not sure, but they will be fun! So, if you show up at our door, we can have tea and cookies, ok?


Anonymous said...

They look so cute. They're almost to cute to eat, but with a pot of tea we could have a really pleasant afternoon creating delightful stories for them all.
My gingerbread cookie recipe is such a pain. What's your secret?

Vanessa said...

(well, I got bored with the plain color) = the house motto