Friday, December 19, 2008


I found this book at Barnes and Noble and when I opened it I almost stopped breathing! The colors and designs are stunning! Kaffe Fassett has designed the fabrics and the quilts in this book and they are photographed in marvelous locations around Portugal. The sun and the architecture and the ceramic walls where they are displayed just enhance these quilts. I was so inspired that I wanted to make a "fassett quilt"! Unfortunately, designer fabrics are not available so I was faced with the challenge of trying to create the feel of his quilts using the minimal fabric choices of my local Wal-mart. I selected several pieces there and mixed them with some floral pieces I had in my studio. Here is a photograph of the fabrics I purchased. And, here is a photograph of the first few blocks. I adapted his design to a framed four patch pattern but it still presents the same "feel" as his "Earthy Frames" quilt on the book cover as best I could create using fabrics available. I just love the way he uses color! I would really like to spend a day in his studio! What an inspiration!
Kaffe Fassett

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