Friday, February 13, 2009


I am putting the finishing touches on the accessory items I plan to take to Taos. I am hoping to find an edgy (and pricey) boutique that will fall in love with my art! Here is a group photograph which is just a mass of color. There are two large tote bags at the back, three clutches and two tri-fold wallets. The tote bags and clutches are lined and all the pieces have a clay shard embellishment. The tote bags also have adjustable straps. The clutches are one large "pocket" with a fold over flap. All pieces are closed with Velcro. If it doesn't work out, Roy and I will still have loads of fun. However, if you are so inclined, do cross your fingers for a positive outcome!


Joan Marie said...

Ok just can't show off those beautiful bags without telling me how much they cost and how soon I could order? LOL I love the "Dream" tote and what looks to be a matching tri-fold! Perhaps if I owned one or two of your magnificient works of art, that might help to inspire me to paint those jeans all the quicker! ;) Seriously, you can just email me the information if you don't want that public knowledge.
Hope you have a great weekend!
p.s. Of course you know this comment carries the best of wishes for your success in Santa Fe!

Vanessa said...

Excited about your trip and prospects - surely not everyone in Taos is gormless. I have to believe that someone will recognize what you offer and do the smart thing. Off to ankle over to meet Dale for pwp planning...the rest of the day's tasks will have to wait for my return... if I remember what they are when I get back.

Vanessa said...

PS emailed a friend in Taos for ideas on likely venues to tout wares

judemowris said...

Thanks Vanessa! that would be a big help! Joan Marie, I have sent you email off site. Thanks so much for your interest and kind words!