Saturday, March 28, 2009

DANSE PARISIENNE DE RUE - (street dancing in Paris)

My experiment in painting (without any glue, fabric, beads, string, weeds,yarn,etc.) is complete. It measures 27" x 33". I learned a lot and enjoyed the journey. Here is an interesting fact I discovered as I was putting away the paints. There are 17 different colors in the background. I still have lots of paint, so I am thinking about the next one!
This is dedicated to my sister, Kathy who challenged me to do this and was quite sure it would be a success. Thanks Kath! And, thanks to Vanessa for the French translation!


KathyB said...

WOW ! This piece is so RICH ! I never even imagined this ! It's a brand new expression of YOU. It relates to your other work, ... but somehow says MUCH MUCH
MORE. ...and your title is right on. I am so proud of you, Judy ! I CAN'T WAIT SO SEE MORE !! WOW ...WOW ...!!

judemowris said...

Ohmygosh! I think that made me blush! (and I don't blush). I am SO glad you like it! Actually, I am pretty excited about it. And, as I told you, I had absolutly NO plan when I started; it just evolved. I guess I better get started on the next one!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Go go go! It is wonderful! I want to see the next painting! cheers D

judemowris said...

Thanks Dee! I am doing some sketches for the next one today.

Vanessa said...

fun to see what new you will come up with, whether from (as in this case) necessity or restlessness... it always does.

& I might add very Parisian.

Should compliments also go to shoulder (necessity) & sister (for challenging you)?

judemowris said...

Yes, I am trying to think of this as a blessing. And I AM planning the next one!