Wednesday, May 13, 2009


No, we all know he is dead but I received a box of Ernest Hemingway books today! He is the first author I have selected to read in my 2009 resolution to try new things and become a more learned person. When we are moved into our new home in Pennsylvania I will continue to build the wonderful library I have always wanted. I had ordered 3 books by Hemingway from Copperfield Books on I must tell you they are wonderful people to do business with. In addition to the books I ordered, they included two additional books for free! I strongly recommend Copperfield Books for all your reading needs. The three books in the bottom row are the ones I ordered and the two at the top were gifts from the seller. Oh happy day! I can't wait to read them...but which one first?


ooglebloops said...

What a great idea - to go author by author!!! I have a Hemingway sitting around that I never got to - maybe now, I will!!!Happy reading!

judemowris said...

Hi Pat and welcome to my blog! There is so much good reading out there that I needed a logical way to begin. I am thinking that after I take in all of ole Ernest I will begin with one of his contemporaries. So, happy reading to you also!

Anonymous said...
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