Sunday, June 7, 2009


On Friday night we had a bon voyage party in Albuquerque with my aunt and uncle. Bill and Nancy have been our best friends during our years here and are very accomplished artists in water color and weaving. They have good hearts and generous souls and we will miss them a lot.
We went to a fabulous restaurant located at the base of the Sandia Tramway, the longest tramway in North America. The restaurant is high up into the base of the Sandia Mountains and the view west over the city was breathtaking! We had lots of fine wine and truly gourmet meals. Who knew you could get the perfect seafood meal in the desert? Then, back to their home for more wine and champagne. We talked and laughed and told stories and it was a sweet/sad time for us all. Roy and I have on our "happy and ready for the next adventure" smiles!
"Sandiago’s Mexican Grill is a must visit destination located at the base of Sandia Peak Tram. The unique Mexican cuisine, along with traditional Mexican dishes complement the spectacular views of Albuquerque sunsets and shimmering city lights. Over sized hand crafted Margaritas are the house specialties; try a Sandia Sunset or a Blood Orange Margarita. " (copied from their website)
This is a website photograph of the tramway. Check out that view!

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