Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It was October 14, 1998 and it was unbelievably hot. This was The Most Important Day! We had purchased 41 acres in the center of New Mexico at an elevation of almost 7000 feet. The ground was a beautiful red dirt and it was covered with cactus, pinion and juniper trees. The locals told us often, "this is good dirt and will grow anything, but only if you have water". Water is the liquid gold here and the big gamble is buying land with the hope that there is water under it. If not, you have only a dry piece of land and a very difficult place to live. This was the day to find out and we were so excited! In this area and probably much of the southwest, no self-respecting well driller would consider pointing that drill at the ground without the guidance of the water witch. The water witch came and wandered the ground with his divining rod and promptly selected the "right place". At that very spot sits our well today. It has never failed us and produces the most wonderful and sweet water. The drilling process is a long and noisy one. We sat on the tailgate of the truck and watched with fascination as the drill did its work. Each piece of well casing is 20 feet long and as more and more pieces were added on, I couldn't help but do the math. Well drilling is expensive and is calculated by the foot. As the casing pieces kept disappearing down that hole I became anxious. It was entirely possible that there might not be water; or that there might be water not fit to drink. Finally, the stress getting to me, I suggested to Roy that we go for a walk and stretch our legs. Several hours on the tailgate was getting a bit uncomfortable! We wandered silently across the land we had put all our hopes in, each absorbed in our own worried thoughts. Suddenly, as my eyes traveled aimlessly across the ground I saw it. The most beautiful, most perfect arrowhead. It was not half buried, it had no dirt on it. It looked as though it had just appeared, glowing in the bright sunlight. As I reached down to pick it up, the driller blew his air horn, signaling that he had found water! I felt a cold shiver....... I believe the spirits of this land were welcoming us, as the newest caretakers of their heritage. It was a special moment I will never forget. In the years since that day I have spent hours and hours walking our land, always searching for more. I have never, since that day, found another arrowhead. It is now time for us to move on to our next adventure. The arrowhead, which I had wrapped in silver, will pass on to the new owners of the land. Gifts from the past and wishes from the spirits who remain here must remain here. To remove them would be to disrespect all they remind us of.


Anonymous said...

What a great memory! I remember the story, but didn't know you had the arrowhead silvered. It's beautiful.

On another note, I bought the Art Quilting Studio magazine today in JoAnn's. I am really impressed!


judemowris said...

Glad you liked the story. And, SO glad you bought the magazine! I know you will share it with Mom. By the way, we are almost there (grin).!!

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