Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After making the four wall dolls I decided to try making some smaller and hopefully more affordable dolls. The dolls in this new collection are approximately 12 inches tall and are fabric shapes filled with a poly fiber filling. They have polymer clay faces made using art doll molds. Their "feet" are either clay, or beads or Mylar paper beads I made some time ago. Here is the basic shape for the doll.
I cut 2-inch wide strips of fabric from scraps I had, using all the bright colors I like so much! Then, I laid them out to stitch together, making sure that the final piece would be large enough to fold in half to make both the front and back of the doll.
Here you can see the five dolls, stuffed and with the beginnings of bead and thread embellishments.
These are two pairs of feet/legs made from polymer clay.
This is a closeup of the head of one of the dolls, complete with lots of hair.
This photograph shows all five sets of "feet".
Here you can see some of the embellishments, decorating being my favorite part of the whole process.
And, here are the ladies of "The Vanessa Doll Collection"


KB in BR said...

Very 'old world' looking. I like the polymer feet. so cute, and a good fit. I so relate to your drive to embellish! If my dear man ever stops moving, ... well ... he is at risk. Love this new evolution of dolls. Very 'rich' and exotic. You surprise, delight, and inspire us once again! THANKX !

Anonymous said...

Jude, I looove the dolls!
best, Annie - the Netherlands

(hey)Jude said...

Thanks to both of you! Kind comments just inspire me to keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean affordable????They are great. Doll collectors will love them What is with your name change. I am confused as to who you really are.. tee hee Dee

Deborah said...

I love these!

Anonymous said...

Me too! They make me smile!