Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On our recent trip to Canada, and the fabulous day of winery touring, we stopped at one vinyard which had a wonderful cheese shop. The ladies in the shop were preparing canapes and offered up samples. Below is my recreation of the best one! The base of the canape is stoned wheat crackers (no, I am quite sure that refers to a milling process). Next is a lovely slice of Brie Cheese. Topping the cheese is a chutney made as follows: Finely dice a peach and a plum (or any such fruit that is getting too ripe). Add some chopped basil and then a bit of wine, whatever bottle you have open. Put the chutney in the fridge to keep cold until time to assemble. So, this was our lunch on the porch today. We added some wine (since, of course, the bottle was already open) . I encourage you to try this! See, the plate is quite empty! As are the glasses:)
It was soooooo tasty!

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