Friday, August 12, 2011


Earlier this week we took a couple of days to go north and fell right into the fabulous Ontario Wine Country. We stayed at the Capri Inn in the city of St. Catharines. a lovely room with a view over a river (?). We visited several of the 57 wineries in the region and it was a beautiful day for wine touring! This was our very favorite winery!
Here is Roy, getting up close and personal with a vintage wine press.
Here you can see just one of MANY rows of grapes. Rows and rows and rows and rows.....they just went on and on.
All of the vineyards and their attached wineries had beautiful gardens. And, many of them had quite extensive gift stores. One of them had a fabulous store of artisan cheeses. Samples came faster than you could taste them and we came home with several pieces of speciality cheeses. Of course, the wine tastings were wonderful too and we brought home a case of assorted wines.
The gardens were so pretty I had to photograph the flowers.
At one of the wineries we had lunch outside in view of all those grapes. We shared a lobster and shrimp baguette, lightly dressed green salad and a very nice Chardonney. Best lunch in a very long time.
Roy has his hands full of cheese!
And here I am under a grape arbor holding four really tasty cheeses.
I have no doubt we will be going back. There are so many vineyards to visit! So many cool labels, so little time. It was a wonderful trip and we stopped at Niagara Falls on the way home. Stay tuned for the requisite "falls" photographs!

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