Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, I just finished another "storyteller" doll. I love making these, and all of them are quite different from each other. As usual, this one was made with bits and pieces and scraps from my studio. The face is polymer clay on a form of crushed newspaper and masking tape.The body is several layers of cardboard glued together, and then covered with a knit bodysuit filled with a polyester fiber to give her some softness. At the initial construction I attached a fabric loop to the back so that it can be hung on the wall.
Then came the fun parts: painting the face, stringing the necklaces and sewing the dress. Her hair is a raw silk yarn and her head scarf and waist sash were cut from a piece of brown gauze I have had for about 14 years!
Her underskirt is part of a lace and polyester slip and the design on the bottom of the skirt was made by using a stamp I had made and acrylic paint. She measures 25 inches long.
I love her! And, now I am wanting to make another one!

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