Sunday, April 27, 2008


It has been many years since I have sewn from a pattern. And, by the way, when did those patterns get SO expensive! But, I wanted to sew a new outfit to wear to the gala 90th birthday party for my Mother in May. I bought a pattern (seen here), some fabric and a pair of really cool strappy sandals to match.
I managed to complete the skirt and top with only a little drama caused by having to remember the rules of sewing and actually following them. The past few years I have been creating clothing from thrift store finds and actually telling myself that shredded seams and loose threads really are cool. Which they are.
The most fun I had creating this party outfit was customizing a handbag to match! I picked up (for fifty cents) one of those really "tacky black vinyl" handbags that they shove onto a shelf on the back wall of the thrift store. I added some acrylic paints and now have the perfect bag to match the outfit! I must confess that "matching" is not what I am all about but decided the whole mainstream approach to the event was to honor my Mother.
Why not pick up one of those "tacky black vinyl" bags the next time you are crusing the thrift store aisles? A little paint and you will have a smashing new bag, a one of a kind original piece that will be the envy of your friends! Make it happen!


KathyB in BR said...

Judy, You did look terrific in your dress at 'THE PARTY '. And the 'bag' was, for sure, the only artistic bag in town ! said...

Yeah, I do love that bag! Thanks!